Restoring old Photos and Preserving Memories

Photo restoration is a service many people don't know they want until they see what can be done.  Most people don't realize their old photographs can be repaired.  They are amazed when they see their old, torn, faded pictures fixed like new. 

Memories can fade. There is a need to preserve, restore, and recreate the memories that we have frozen in time through photos.  We all have old photos of our youth or of ancestors long gone.  As important as these memories are, they often wind up stuffed in an envelope or placed in a drawer.  They can get scratched, creased, torn, the emulsion may crack, and discolorations may occur.  If displayed in a frame etc, they will fade over time and that special person will start to blur.

At Recapture Image Services, we understand how important these images are to you.  Our aim is to help keep those memories sharp, or to restore and enhance images of your personal family records.  Let us restore your photos, reverse the aging process, and return the photos to their former condition — or better.  Picture restoration can add new dimensions to your family tree or genealogy project, and give new life to your priceless heirloom photographs.  Come see what photo restoration can do for you!

Let Us Restore Your Old Photos


One of the best ways to preserve your memories and keep them from requiring restoration is to convert them to digital format.  In addition to photo restoration, Recapture offers Photo Scanning services.  We can digitize your print photos, slides, negatives, and even glass plates.

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If you have home videos made in the 1980s, they are probably VHS video cassette tapes or other media that stores data on magnetic tape.  Not only is the format obsolete and becoming unplayable, the tapes are in danger of deteriorating.   We can salvage your old memories and transfer them to digital format (DVD, Blu-ray, or MP4).

Let us Convert Your Tapes to Digital

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