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  1. What a Surname Can Tell You About Your Family's PastSurnames are a critical piece of our genealogical research, and learning where a surname originated — geographically and etymologically — can not only enhance our research but add another chapter to our family history stories.
  2. Genealogy Travel Kit for $25Everything you need to build the ultimate genealogy research travel kit for $25 or less. Whether you plan on traveling to an archive or a cemetery you'll want to bring along these items every time.
  3. Must-Visit Genealogy Destinations USA - Midwest Genealogy CenterConsidering a vacation? Worried that you might miss a genealogy research opportunity if you leave your computer? Well, why not incorporate genealogy into your trip? Before the days of online genealogy research, family historians traveled everywhere in search of their ancestors, and you can too!
  4. Genealogy Research Sites for Scotland - The Royal Mile in EdinburghIf you are lucky enough to be from Scotland, or are of Scottish descent, then you will love the plethora of records just waiting to be researched here (tha thu fortanach, gu dearbh). Scotland, with its majestic green mountains veiled by waves of mist, is such a wondrous place to behold! Let this guide to her online historical records lead you back in time to the land of your Highland or Lowland ancestors.
  5. 4 Simple Steps to Help You Finally Decipher Old Family PhotosHoping to figure out who is in an old family photo, what year it was taken or what the reason for the shot was? There is no doubt that discovering the who, when, where and why of family pictures is one of the most rewarding forms of genealogical sleuthing there is, but the job can seem nearly impossible. The good news is, there are some strategies that can help. If you've been lucky enough to get your hands on some old images, following the steps below can help you finally decipher them.
  6. Sync and Download Ancestry Family Tree With RootsMagicMany of us keep our trees on Ancestry, even if we don't always subscribe to their somewhat pricey record subscription service. Because Ancestry's online family tree is easy and free, it's a great alternative to paid programs. But backing up that tree, along with its attached records and other media, can be a major challenge - despite how important it is to do so.
  7. 5 Strategies for Locating Marriage Records and the Vital Details They ContainMarriage Records are an essential part of family history research and are one of the best ways to find the ever-elusive maiden name of a woman - as well as parents' names, ages and occupations, residence and religious beliefs. If you have not found such a record for every married couple in your tree, you are missing out.
  8. Genealogy is our personal history, a deep dive into the events, decisions, and twists of fate that brought a family to its current place in time. But studying history in a broader sense provides fascinating context to our research. Political and economic change, war, and technology advances influenced our ancestors to leave their homes, start families, change careers, and even change their names.
  9. How to Enable and Use Ancestry's MyTreeTagsMyTreeTags™ is just that, a set of tags, or labels, which you can assign to the profile of any or every individual in your Ancestry tree. These tags will be super helpful not only to you as the tree owner, but also to anyone viewing your tree online.
  10. 4 Free Places to Research Your Colonial American AncestorsCan you trace your ancestors back to Colonial America? If so, you may find that searching for your family during this time period is more challenging than you expected. But there is hope of discovering new insights - you just need to know where, and how, to look.

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