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  1. Two People, Same Name How to Avoid Mix-ups in Your Genealogy ResearchRecently I have been searching diligently for my husband’s German ancestors and I've run into that age-old genealogy problem - how do I distinguish between two unrelated people who have the same name, similar ages and live near each other? Or two people from the same family with the same name?
  2. Ancestry’s New ThruLines Discovers Your Ancestors Using DNA MatchesThruLines, one of Ancestry's newly announced features, is yet another advancement in their quest to connect DNA testing and traditional genealogy research more seamlessly. Here's how to put it to use in your family tree today.
  3. Free Irish Records for Saint Patrick's DaySaint Patrick's Day is all about celebrating your Irish roots, and what better way to do it than by researching your ancestors from the Emerald Isle. Luckily, some big genealogy research sites have made more than 150 million Irish records free this weekend.
  4. How a Family Group Sheet Could Become Your Secret Research Weapon - South Carolina Family c1914If you're not sure what a family group sheet is, or you've never gotten around to using one in your genealogy research, you're not alone. While the concept of a family group sheet is about as basic as it gets, not every family historian out there has had the chance to embrace this clever method of research and organization.
  5. Beyond the Tree 4 Ways to Share Your Family History Research - Book With heartFamily history research is never complete. There are always more records to be discovered, photos to be identified, and additional connections to uncover. But maybe you’ve reached the point when you want to share what you’ve learned so far. Here are some great options.
  6. Why You Should Never Rely on Facts You Find in the Census, and What to Do Instead - Census Taker c1911Upon first glance, the U.S. Census appears to be a powerful source for genealogists. With its wide array of information, from ages and family relationships to countries of origin, it seems to be overflowing with facts that can help us follow the lives of our ancestors across time. But, I say, “Researchers, beware!”
  7. MyHeritage has announced a new genealogy tool that will allow its DNA users to more easily discover how they may be related to their genetic matches. This technology, called the Theory of Family Relativity™, uses family tree information and historical records from a variety of sources to attempt to find and display a common ancestor for matching individuals in the MyHeritage DNA database.
  8. Women were just as important to a household and community hundreds of years ago as they are today but, thanks to laws and social ideas that limited women's roles and rights, their contributions and names are often lost to history. To uncover your female ancestors' lives, you're going to have to work harder, dig deeper and be more creative.
  9. 2 of the 3 Top Paid Genealogy Sites Offer Millions of Records for FreeGenealogy is an endless treasure hunt and, if you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of your own treasure building your family tree. Subscriptions to the popular paid genealogy sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage can cost hundreds of dollars a year. That’s why, when you discover your fourth-great-grandmother for free, it truly feels like you’ve stuck gold! And it’s why we are all about mining the vast genealogy resources on the internet for free records.
  10. 20 Things Your Ancestors Did That You Probably Never Will Albert Martin (father of Garnett Martin) with old sow on Martin farm, Fernleigh.Some folks yearn for the “good old days,” when times were simpler. But just because your ancestors lacked the hectic, technology-driven lifestyles we lead today doesn’t mean they had it easy. Luckily, some of the more complicated, strenuous, and dangerous tasks they endured are now obsolete.

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