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  2. Many of us live in areas exposure to natural disasters such a hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. While there is some predictability to weather fluctuations it is the unexpected events such as firs and floods that change our lives   There are four steps to a disaster planning process: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  Most museums, libraries, and […]

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  3. As I watch the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian, I’m worrying about the next disaster.  My mind is thinking about When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the United States in 2012. It was not the powerhouse storm that Dorian is, but the effects were felt all the way into New England. On the New […]

    The post Episode 56: Disaster Preparedness For the Family Photo Archive appeared first on Maureen Taylor.

  4. In the early twentieth century child laborers worked in mills across America. Perhaps your ancestors did too. It’s possible. In 1900 more than 1.75 million children aged 10 to 15 were employed. A photo of your ancestor might exist. I’m a big fan of this week’s guest, Joe Manning. He finds the photos and connects […]

    The post Episode 55: Photos of Our Mill-Working Ancestors with Joe Manning appeared first on Maureen Taylor.

  5. In August, I dedicated all my podcast episodes to family reunion focused activities and guests. Since it’s Family Reunion season, that means we’re pretty likely to be posing for a group portrait.  It’s part of most reunions…a visual gathering of everyone at the event. We have dozens of pictures of my husband’s family reunion attendees. […]

    The post Episode 54: Family Reunion Photos – Sorting the Clues appeared first on Maureen Taylor.

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