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  1. There are images in our family collections that jump out at us. I hear it from clients over and over how a few photos stand out more than others. I have pictures like that too. I’ve recently started grouping images together to tell the story of a person. It’s an important way to pass on […]

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  2. MyHeritage has done it again. They created a photo sensation with a new offering. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Social media is awash in videos of ancestors moving. Some find it emotional while others think it’s creepy. I’m getting emails and texts asking me to weigh in on this new offering. So here goes. I […]

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  3. In this episode I answer your photo questions submitted through my social media accounts and via email. I have dozens of large photo albums that were put together by my grandfather and father from the 1980s to the present. Do I take all the photos out of the pages (4/page) or scan the whole page? […]

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  4. I think that 19th-century tintype photographers would be amazed to see that their medium is still thriving in the age of digital photography. Their spirit exists in my guest for this bonus episode. Rob Gibson travels around the country with a motorcycle and a portable studio, similar to his itinerant predecessors who used wagons. He […]

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  5. Collecting images is something that I’m familiar with. There are thousands of images in my research collection. It’s hard to stop purchasing interesting pictures because each one is a little different. My own collection features a variety of image formats including  tintypes of men fishing off a prop boat with lines and fake fish. Women […]

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