What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration is the practice of restoring a photograph which has been damaged either by natural, man-made, or environmental causes, or simply age or neglect.  Faded damaged photographs can be given new life.


What is Photo Colorization?

Black and white photographs can be converted to color through artistic and computer techniques.  Entire photographs can be converted to color, or color can be added to emphasize specific parts of the picture.


What is Photo Manipulation?

Photo Alteration involves various types of manipulation to photographs to alter, add, or remove people/items in pictures, change backgrounds, change colors of objects.  With enough time, skill, and software, virtually anything is possible.


What is VHS to DVD Conversion?

More broadly, analog to digital conversion is the transferring of audio or video material recorded on magnetic tape to digital format such as CD, DVD, or computer file.  We accept VHS, MiniDV, Hi8, audio cassettes, mini/micro cassettes and can convert them to DVD, CD, Blu-ray, MP3 or MP4.


Why should I archive my photos or negatives to CD?

Photos get damaged, faded, lost.  When we scan your pictures, you will have a CD or DVD of your photos that can later be used for e-mailing, enlarging and printing your digital photos. The quality of your digital photos will not degrade as would physical photos. They last for generations. You will be able to view your pictures on your computer, TV or DVD player and you will be able to print as many high quality reproductions as you wish. More than 2,500 photos can be stored on a DVD and can be organized into categories.


Will my original material be altered?

No! Your original photos, documents, cassettes, or other material are never altered. We make digital copies of your originals and make the requested changes.  You will receive your original material back unaltered.


How do I send my photos and tapes to you?

We offer you three methods of sending your pictures and cassettes.
1. By Mail
2. In Person
3. Online


How do I scan my photos?

Make sure the glass plate is free of dust and fingerprints.  Align the photo and scan with any auto-correction features turned off at a minimum resolution of 300dpi.  Save the image in a .jpg or .tiff format.  Scan all photos as color photos even if they are black and white pictures.
If you don’t have a scanner, stores like OfficeMax, Staples, FedEx/Kinko's can scan your photos and provide you with a CD.  They may even email the scanned pictures to us.


What resolution should the photos be scanned?

As a rule of thumb, smaller pictures should be scanned at a higher resolution than larger ones. 
Pictures 2x3 and smaller: 1200 dpi
Pictures between 2x3 and 5x7: 600 dpi
Pictures 5x7 and larger: 300 dpi


How long until I receive the finished image product?

Each photo and/or cassette is given the time and care it deserves because it is important to you. Photo Restoration time depends on the number of images that need to be corrected and the extent of the damage to the original(s).  Some images are relatively simple fixes that can be corrected fairly quickly while others are a combination of problems that can take considerably longer.  Typical turnaround time for photo restoration is 1 to 2 weeks.
Typical turnaround time for analog to digital conversion is 7 to 10 days.


How much do you charge for shipping my prints and discs?

Shipping is always free!


Are there any photos you can't fix?

We will make every effort to salvage the image.  If the photograph is too far gone and missing too much of the original information, it may not be possible to restore it to its original condition, however significant improvements can be made.  We will provide you with realistic expectations upon reviewing your photograph.


How much video will fit on a DVD or Blu-ray?

DVDs typically hold around 120 minutes of uncompressed video.  Longer videos can be compressed to fit on a single DVD, however the quality will suffer slightly.
Blu-ray disc will hold 170 - 240 minutes of video.


How much will fit on a CD?  Will my entire tape fit on one CD?

CDs will only hold about 80 minutes of audio.  If you are converting from a 90-minute tape, we will need to split the recording between 2 CDs.  Or you can opt for an MP3 CD which can be played on a computer but may not play on a standard CD player.


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Questions about Photo Restoration & VHS Conversion

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