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VHS to Blu-ray Conversion.  Convert your old home videos into a Blu-ray collection


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  • Our VHS conversion service preserves your VHS tapes by converting them to durable DVD, Blu-ray, or MP4.

  • DVDs and Blu-rays can be customized with chapter breaks to easily skip to a desired point in the video.

  • They can be played on modern Blu-ray players, Sony Playstations, and some PCs, laptops, and digital projectors.

  • Your original tapes will be returned unharmed and unchanged along with the new discs.


5 reasons to convert your analog VHS tapes to Blu-ray:

  1.     Videotapes degrade over time and with each time you view them.
  2.     VCRs are hard to find - Blu-rays can be played on any Blu-Ray players, Playstation, or computer.
  3.     ​You can preserve old home movies or camcorder videotapes in digital formats for years to come.
  4.     Random-access lets you easily find the best parts - no need to fast forward or rewind.
  5.     Blu-rays take up less space than VHS tapes.


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