Mold / Mildew Removal from Videotapes

We clean and repair VHS and other videotapes when mold has taken over.  And we can convert them to DVD!


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  • Do you have VHS cassettes that were stored in a basement or attic?  Is there white fuzz growing on the reels?

  • Our VHS tape repair service cleans the mold / mildew from your VHS tapes so they can be played again.

  • Chewed tape, broken tape, damaged housing, moldy tape reels, all can be fixed.

  • Risk free!  No charge unless your tape can be cleaned.

  • Your original tapes will be cleaned and returned (along with the new discs if desired).

 Clean mold from VHS


VHS mold removal


Here are five reasons to convert your analog VHS tapes to DVD:

  1. Videotapes degrade over time and with each time you view them.
  2. VCRs are hard to find - DVDs can be played on any DVD player, Blu-Ray player, or computer.
  3. ​You can preserve old home movies or camcorder videotapes in digital formats for years to come.
  4. Random-access lets you easily find the best parts - no need to fast forward or rewind.
  5. DVDs take up less space than VHS tapes.


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Customer Feedback

"We trust you with our treasured old items.  We know we don't have to worry that you will lose or destroy those irreplaceable items.  Lastly, the price you charge for your services is better than a local business we have used in the past."
Larry & Diane F. - Virginia Beach, VA

"I was very pleased with the work and the price! Less than half of what Walgreens would charge!! Thank you!"
Lou Ann P. - Memphis, TN

"Thank you very much. We will have a happy reunion!!"
Doris H. - Mt. Pleaseant, PA

"He was THRILLED with the quality of these. Thanks again for your great work!"
Bryce R. - Dallas, TX



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