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Our Photo Restoration service can make dull worn out photos look new again.  Using a combination of an experienced eye, computer technology, and artistic talent, we painstakingly restore your old, damaged and faded photographs and bring your memories back to life.


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Memories can fade

Like a lot of families, you probably have memories stored in photographs.  What happens when those photos become damaged?  Don't throw your old photos away.  Let us use our digital tools and skills to restore and even improve your family photos.  At Recapture Image Services, we understand how important these images are to you.  We recapture, restore, and recreate the memories that you have frozen in time through pictures.



We all have photographs of our youth or of our ancestors.  As important as these memories are, they often wind up stuffed in an envelope or placed in a drawer.  Old photographs are often faded, discolored or yellow, scratched, torn, creased, spotted, and stained - all of which can usually be repaired.  Pictures damaged by sunlight, fire, water, mold, animals, or even intentional damage done by people (i.e. pen marks, tears) can be restored.  If there is any image left at all, digital restoration can bring it back, often with surprising results.


Free estimates & advice

Almost any image can be restored.  To find out what can be done with yours, please send your photo to us for evaluation.  Prices for Photo Restoration are based on an analysis of the original print.  We will provide you with a Free Quote and advice - just upload a photo.  Not convenient enough?  Just snap a photo of the print with your cellphone and email it to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or text it to This Number.


Send Us Your Photos

The results will be better if we can work from the original photo.  You may Mail Your Photos for Restoration.  Please use a rigid envelope to prevent further damage to your photo.  The original photograph will be returned to you along with a restored copy.  If you are not comfortable sending your picture through the mail, you may upload a scanned image.


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Photo Repair Technology

Photo repair and restoration have come a long way since the days of brushing dyes and inks on printed photographs.  In the digital age, restoration can be performed without alteration to the original image.  We scan your photos to create high resolution digital files which optimizes the photo so it can be enlarged.  Using advanced photo editing software, we can adjust contrast, correct color, enhance saturation, remove dust spots, repair tears, remove stains and areas of severe degradation.  Technology provides the tools, a photo restoration expert performs the repair using state-of-the-art photo repair techniques.

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photo restore before
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Basic Photo Restoration / Retouching

  • Red-eye correction
  • Remove blemishes
  • Exposure correction (lighten/darken)
  • Remove small stains
  • Remove dust and scratches
  • Remove minor creases


Intermediate Photo Restoration

  • Color correction
  • Restore damage done by water / mold / etc.
  • Restore original color
  • Repair tears
  • Repair large stained areas


Advanced Photo Restoration

  • May include a combination of the repairs listed above
  • Reconstructing missing areas
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Severely stained or damaged photographs


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Customer Feedback

"I find it hard to express how happy and pleased I am, when I received the picture that you recreated for me. It is perfect. I also appreciate the quick response that I got from you when I had another question. Thank You."
Cathy B. - Rapid City, SD

"They are beautiful. I want to thank you very much and let you know I will be recommending you to other people who need the same thing done to their older pictures. Thank you very much and I certainly will be sending you more of mine."
Valerie M. - Newport News, VA

"I'm glad to have found someone who can help me along this journey.  I personally really love doing this. You're one of a kind."
James R. - Detroit, MI

"I received my prints on Wednesday.  I am completely satisfied.  You met my high expectations.  Thank you!"
Prudence J. - Brandywine, MD

"I got the pictures this morning, they are unbelievable. They are beyond my expectations. Thanks a million. Your transposing of the picture is remarkable. Those families will be excited."
Larry B. - Franklin, LA




Can old photos be restored?
Yes of course, there is no age limit on what photos can be repaired.

Can you remove marks / writing / drawings on photos?
Yes, pen and crayon marks on photos can be removed.  

Can you repair a picture that is ripped into pieces?
Yes, we can put your torn pictures back together again into a seamless new print.

What about photos with missing pieces?
Usually missing pieces can be recreated.  However, if a person's face etc. is missing, it will be next to impossible to recreate a person's face from scratch.

What photos can't be restored?
We can fix just about any kind of damage.  However, photos where you can't see any detail (too white / too black) may not be repairable.  Also extremely blurry photos cannot be put into focus.  Some fuzziness can be improved, but if the picture is out of focus, it will never be sharp.  You can always send your photo for a free quote and we'll give you realistic expectations about what can be done.

Can you restore photos stuck to glass?
Yes, you can send the print with glass attached (in a well padded envelope/box).  We will scan it and work from the digital copy.

How long does the process take?
We pride ourselves on fast turnaround time.  Typically, you will receive the finished product within 1 to 2 weeks.

What photo sizes can you repair?  Can you restore 16x20 or oval photos?
Pictures of any size and shape can be restored.

Can you remove time and date stamps?
Yes, it will be like it was never there.

Can I get a photo restored from a newspaper, magazine, or yearbook?
Yes, however there may be copyright issues attached to such images.

Still have questions about your photo restoration or photo repair needs?  Contact Us or click over to our FAQ page.


When you are ready, Send Us Your Photos.  We look forward to working with you!


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A Short Video of Our Photo Restoration Samples




Drag slider to see before/after samples:  

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