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Our VHS to DVD transfer service preserves your VHS tapes by converting them to durable DVD, Blu-ray, USB, or MP4.

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Convert VHS Video to DVD

Do you have old VHS video tapes taking up space with nothing to play them on? If you still have home videos made in the 1980s and 1990s, they are probably VHS video cassette tapes or other media that stores data on magnetic tape. The VHS format is obsolete and is becoming unplayable. It’s hard to find a working VCR in most homes, and they have disappeared from store shelves. Camcorder formats such as VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, DV, MiniDV, or any media that stores data on magnetic tape are in danger of decay. The solution is to convert fragile VHS video to DVD.

VHS cassettes aren’t just obsolete, they easily break or wear out, and many of them only last about 20 years. The tape inside the cartridges has already begun to break down. Your family video library needs to be converted to digital before it's lost forever. Your memories are deteriorating, but chances are you can get it all back by transferring those memories from analog to digital format. While VHS cassettes suffer from deterioration, DVDs and and other digital formats don’t have those problems. They’re easy to store, customize, and preserve your movies for years to come. They can be transfered to digital formats and played on a variety of devices including DVD or Blu-ray players, PCs and laptops, and digital projectors.

So how do I transfer VCR tapes to DVD? Who can copy those old VHS tapes to DVD or Blu-ray? Where can I get videotapes converted to digital?

Five Reasons to Convert Your Tapes:

  1. Stop the Damage

    Videotapes degrade over time and with each time you view them.
  2. Play Anywhere

    VCRs are hard to find - DVDs can be played on any DVD player, Blu-Ray player, or computer.
  3. Preservation

    You can preserve old home movies or camcorder videotapes in digital formats for years to come.
  4. Easy to Use

    Random-access lets you easily find the best parts - no need to fast forward or rewind.
  5. Easy Storage

    DVDs take up less space than VHS tapes.

VHS Video to DVD Transfer Service

Our Video Transfer service preserves your favorite VHS tapes by converting them to durable DVD. At Recapture, we understand the importance of your priceless memories and pride ourselves on handling your video tapes safely and efficiently. You can trust us with your precious moments. After your videos are transferred to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files, we'll return your original tapes unharmed and unchanged along with the new discs.

Bulk discount available! Large numbers of cassettes qualify for a discount. See Prices for details.

Our DVDs and Blu-rays can be customized with chapter breaks to easily skip to a desired point in the video. Your timeless memories don't have to remain unplayable or lost forever. You can keep them all with our analog to digital transfer service.

*Please bear in mind that DVDs typically hold around 120 minutes of uncompressed video. Longer videos can be compressed to fit on a single DVD, however the quality will suffer slightly. You may want to have longer videos split between multiple DVDs. Or you can opt for a Blu-ray disc which will hold up to 240 minutes of video but will only play on Blu-ray players. Our USB flash drives will hold around six hours of video.

Are You Ready to Convert VHS Video to DVD or another Robust Digital Format?

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