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Send Your Tapes

At Recapture, we understand the importance of your priceless memories and pride ourselves on handling your video tapes safely and efficiently. You can trust us with your precious moments. After your videos are transferred to DVD or digital files, we'll return your original tapes unharmed and unchanged along with the new discs.

Your can use one of these methods:

  By Mail:

Package your tapes in a sturdy box and mail them to:

P.O. Box 661 (for USPS)
2814 Main St. Suite 2-D (for UPS / FedEx)
Hot Springs, VA 24445

  In Person (if you're local):

We understand if your priceless family movies are too special to risk in the mail. If you're local, you may hand deliver your video tapes to us. We are nestled in Hot Springs in beautiful Bath County, Virginia.

2814 Main St.
Suite 2-D
Hot Springs, VA 24445


Receive Your New Version and Original

We will carefully package your new copies and originals.

We will send them to you or you can pick them up from our location.