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Videotape Mold Removal and Cleaning

We clean and repair VHS and other videotapes when mold has taken over.

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Mold/Mildew Removal

Do you have VHS cassettes that were stored in a basement, attic, or garage? Is there white fuzz growing on the reels? Whenever humidity gets to videotapes, mold is sure to follow. Mold often prevents videos from playing properly. Our VHS mold removal and cleaning service cleans mold and mildew from your VHS tapes so they can be played again. Then we can transfer them to another format.

Mold can also damage the internal components of your VCR. Once the spores are in your machine, they can spread to other tapes making the problem worse. For that reason, moldy tapes must be cleaned prior to conversion. Most video conversion companies will not work with tapes where mold is present. Your moldy tapes will be returned to you without being converted. If your tapes have been rejected by other transfer services, send them to Recapture for a complete cleaning. Then we can convert them to the format of your choice. Your original tapes will be cleaned and returned (along with new discs if desired).

Don't ignore VHS cassettes that have mold or other damage. Over time the situation will only get worse. The memories stored on your VHS cassettes could be lost forever. We have the expertise to disassemble VHS and other types of cassettes. Our experts know how to clean tapes and remove mold the right way. Each item is barcoded and tracked to ensure order accuracy. Use our VHS mold removal and cleaning service to save your important video tapes and the memories they contain.

VHS mold removal and cleaning photo

Four Reasons to use our VHS Mold Removal and Cleaning service:

  1. We expose your tape to UV light to kill the mold spores.

  2. We clean the entire length of the tape surface.

  3. We disassemble the cassette housing and thoroughly clean the interior.

  4. Risk free! There is no charge unless your tape can be cleaned successfully.

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