Convert Audio Cassettes to CD

Use our audio cassette to digital conversion service to turn your old tape collection into a CD collection. Convert audio cassettes to CD or MP3 to preserve them for years to come.

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Audio cassette tape
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Audio CD
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Mini cassette / Micro cassette tape
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Why Convert Your Audio Cassettes to a Digital Format?

It is hard to find places to play audio cassettes. And each time you play an old cassette it becomes more worn, and the audio quality goes down. Even worse the tape can become tangled, stretched, or broken. On the other hand, digital copies in the form of CDs or MP3 files last indefinitely. And they can be stored easily and efficiently. This is why audio cassette to digital conversion is so important. Convert your recordings so you can enjoy them again without this worry. You can listen as much as you like knowing no damage is being done.

Now is a good time to unlock your old tape collection. We make the process simple from start to finish. It’s as easy as putting your audio tapes into a box and sending them to us. We will send back your original audio cassettes and the new digital CDs or MP3 files. You can even order multiple CDs so you can give them as gifts to friends or family members. When they hear those recordings again, you’ll be glad you used our audio cassette to digital conversion service!

*Please bear in mind that CDs will only hold about 80 minutes of audio. If you are converting from a 90-minute tape, we will need to split the recording between 2 CDs. Or you can opt for an MP3 CD which can be played on a computer but may not play on a standard CD player.

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